Does the IRS really do audits?

 Does the IRS really do audits? Yes, they do! In most CPA offices very few clients of theirs get audited. Therefore, everyone does believe that the IRS is not out there auditing people. As a matter of fact, I think many accountants do not particularly care and do not take the diligence to do tax returns at times because audits are so in frequent in their office.

However, in our office, audits are a customary and usual service we provide. With audits right now, we are acquiring two people per month getting audited and they happen to be the larger cases where they walk in the office after they have been audited when they are 900, 1 million, 500, 400, 200 thousand dollars in debt, and we find most of them negligent in keeping their records or are not being formally trained by the person doing their taxes or that accountant is not taking the extra time it takes to audit proof the client.

If you are facing an audit, owe back taxes and need resolution or settlement, Corvino and Verwys have a highly-skilled trained team to assist you in filing. Their firm can perform the research on your personal or business taxes. After 40 years of experience successfully representing their clients, Corvino and Verwys fully understand the Internal Revenue Service system and can correct filing errors and can work to advocate for you as they get you the professional tax help you deserve. 

If your wages are being garnished or there is a bank levy on your account, they can assist you so you can regain fiscal control of your accounts. As a business, if payroll taxes were a problem, they can seek resolution and create installment payment plans. 

Let Covino and Verwys help you starting today to save time, money and aggravation. They have more #freetaxhelp on their website as well as, strong testimonials from people just like you who are now in good standing with the IRS. Contact them today at 610.863.8347 to set-up a no-obligation, free tax consultation in one of their conveniently located offices serving both the Greater #LehighValley and the #PoconoMountains. 




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