is my tax problem hopeless? Actually, no one is hopeless. We have never had a tax problem we have not been able to resolve. There are many avenues to travel with respect to the IRS collection of the tax. There’s are many avenues to travel with respect to the IRS collection of the tax. 
There’s actually what we refer to as ‘Status 53’ on the IRS computers, which means the taxpayer is currently not collectible and unable to pay their taxes. In order to acquire this status, which means you may not be able to make payments at this time because you may not be able to afford to, you will have to submit financial information to the IRS and negotiate your portion so the IRS realizes you cannot afford to.
You will have to submit financial information to the IRS and negotiate your position so the IRS realizes you cannot afford to make a payment to them at this time. Additionally, there are so many clients who walk into our office that have what we call reasonable cause for not making paying penalties. Usually when a client waits too long to make a payment the penalties are more than half of the debt along with interest. We have been quite successful at Corvino and Verwys in negotiating and abating the penalties and then setting up a small manageable payment plan each month for our clientele. As Certified Enrolled Agents, we are licensed to be your legal representative as they negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service for you. You will never have to talk to the IRS again. 
Corvino & Verwys have a reputation for dedicated research to resolve all issues regarding your personal or business taxes. They can assist in filing individual personal returns, as well as prepare small business tax returns and large corporate returns for all different types of corporate structures. They can also represent you in any of your IRS dealings and have extensive experience navigating within the Collections Division, Audit Division, Appeals Division and Tax Court. 
Often the Internal Revenue Service will allow penalties to be abated, or not paid in part or even in full. Corvino and Verwys can assist you with your financial accounts and resolve your tax problems to ultimately save you considerable money in back tax fees and penalties. 
Don’t fight alone against the IRS and don’t wait to get resolution. Let Covino and Verwys use their power team to help you resolve your IRS #taxproblem and save you time, money and aggravation. They are conveniently located to serve both the Greater #LehighValley and the #PoconoMountains with offices in Wind Gap and Bethlehem. See more information on their website and call 610.863.8347 to set-up a no-obligation, #freetaxhelp consultation today. 


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