Can the IRS levy your Pension Plan?


Can the IRS levy your Pension Plan? Yes!  Usually with the IRS, they will levy the accounts, basically in any name that owes money which means the name on the tax return. The IRS does have a habit of asking you for a withdrawal of your money and of course there are various types of Pension Plans. One of them the IRS is not privy to until up to 5 years before your retirement. In any type of IRS enforcement action, they will get a collateral agreement to take the Pension Plan at a given time.


 If you are facing any type of tax problems, get help! Jim Corvino, Certified #TaxResolution Specialist can help you save time and money as you will never have to talk to the Internal Revenue Service again. The tax specialists at Corvino and Verwys are Enrolled Agents, which means they are licensed to be your representative as they negotiate with the IRS on behalf of their clients.

Jim Corvino and Tamara Verwys can assist you with your tax return and can work with their team of assistants on a settlement. If you owe back taxes or are facing an #IRSAudit and need assistance, turn to Corvino and Verwys for help resolving your #taxproblem . Their firm has a full team of professionals to perform in-depth research on your personal and or business taxes. They then communicate that information to you in terms you can understand, while they communicate it to the IRS in terms they need to complete their investigation.

With over 40 years of experience successfully representing their clients, Corvino and Verwys have navigated every facet of IRS filing errors and can work to advocate for you as they get you the professional tax help you deserve. If you were self-employed or collecting a salary from a company, they may be able to work toward an offer in compromise of the total amount you owe. Yes, the IRS is often willing to compromise on a settlement on #taxdebt that is less than the total amount the taxpayer owes. Corvino and Verwys know the Internal Revenue Service system and have jumped all the hoops before, so let them help you save time, money and aggravation.


As professionals, they compassionately provide the best in customer service to make sure you get the relief from your tax problems through a settlement before another tax year passes and you incur more debt in penalties from unfiled tax returns. Check out their website for more information and contact them today at 610.863.8347 to set-up a no-obligation, #freetaxhelp consultation in one of their #LehighValley and #PoconoMountains convenient locations.




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