Can the IRS levy my Assets? 


Can the IRS levy my Assets? Yes!  The IRS is working at approximately half staff and in order to settle their cases and move them off their desks, the IRS is showing their strength with respect to seizure of various assets. We have had most recently business buildings where the IRS has so much time in their budget on a collection base and what happens when it is used up is they refer it to the Department of Justice. The Department of Justice loves selling off assets to pay for debt.


Let Corvino and Verwys, Certified Tax Resolution Specialists seek resolution with the IRS and create installment payment plans if possible. They know the IRS is often willing to compromise on a settlement that is less than the total amount the taxpayer owes. You should also be aware there is a 10-year statute for the IRS to collect penalties, and if yours have accrued from before that expiration date, you are not responsible for them. This is just one of many factors regarding tax situations pending with the IRS which Corvino and Verwys can assist you with to ultimately save you considerable money in back tax fees and penalties. 


Their firm can research and resolve all issues regarding your personal or business taxes. They can assist in filing individual personal returns, as well as prepare small business tax returns and large corporate returns for all different types of corporate structures. They can assist with: unfiled tax returns, offers in compromise, wage garnishments, #IRSAudits, Payroll Tax Problems, Innocent Spouse cases, Installment Payment Plans, Bank Levies, Penalty Abatement, Lien Releases, #Lien Subordination or Bankruptcy Planning and or filing.

So, don’t go it alone against the IRS. Let Covino and Verwys use their power team to help you resolve your IRS #taxproblem and save you time, money and aggravation. See more information on their website and call 610.863.8347 to set-up a no-obligation, #freetaxhelp consultation today in one of their #LehighValley and #PoconoMountains convenient locations. They look forward to serving you and setting you on the right side of the IRS.





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