Unfiled Tax Returns

 There are many reasons taxpayers fall behind and end up with unfiled taxes. There are limited options for filing late (i.e. extensions) and often it may seem easier to just ignore the IRS letters. We are all aware that there are consequences to delinquency and not filing, but when it starts to feel overwhelming, the answer of filing late doesn’t feel like an answer at all.


The taxpayer must be aware that failure to file tax returns may be construed as a criminal act by the IRS. This type of criminal act is punishable by one year in prison for each year a tax return was not filed. 


Over the years our firm has heard the same sentiment from many of our clients. They are afraid of what will happen to them once they get back into the system. Rest assured that by using our experienced CPA's, EA's (enrolled agents), and certified tax resolution specialists to represent you as these unfiled taxes are processed; you will no longer have the same worries. We will be the contact person with the IRS. We will handle all communications and meetings pertaining to your case, to make certain all tax, penalty and interest abatements are made correctly. This will reduce your time commitment as well as possible lost wages due to time away from the work place.


The IRS may also file a “SFR” (Substitute For Return) Tax Returns for you. This is the IRS’s version of an unfiled tax return because SFR returns are filed in the best interest of the government with the only deductions you’ll see are standard deductions and one personal exemption. Regardless of what you have heard, you have the right to file your original tax return no matter how late it’s filed, and with help from our firm, we can get you all your appropriate deductions. 


We also have many success stories of clients being "pleasantly surprised" when they find out that they are getting money back. Many of our clients are just ready to move on with their lives and get up to date.


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